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Academic Translation Services

Academic Translation Services has delivered high-quality academic documents since 1996, helping tens of thousands of college and university students with their English-language essays, research papers, theses or dissertations. In that time, our world has become one big community, and other languages have become increasingly important for communicating with hundreds of millions more around the world. can now help you translate your academic documents into the language of your choice through our sister company.

Who Can Use This Service?

  • Individuals who have written a document in a foreign language and want it translated accurately into English
  • Individuals who've written academic documents in English but are presenting their findings in another language
  • Graduate students who are translating their theses into a variety of languages to universalize their work
  • Academic groups who perform research studies and need their findings presented in a variety of languages
  • Academics who need research in a foreign language translated for use in their own academic work


  • Making your document available in multiple languages opens up your work to more readers
  • Offering your work in multiple languages validates your findings in some readers' minds because they feel that you are appealing to their needs
  • Translating your documents eases the process of applying to and from foreign universities by rendering it into the languages used in those countries (e.g. English to Quebec French in Canada)
  • Translating foreign-language research into your own language will ease the research process and make developing your own work easier

We use translators who work exclusively with academic documents to ensure that every translation is accurate and captures the meaning of your work. We make it easy for you to order by calling our toll free number 1-888-774-9994 to ask that an academic document be translated.

No matter your academic document we can help you!

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