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The Marketing Major Experience

Today's economy relies on the buying and selling of goods, services, and ideas to consumers and customers around the world. Given the vast number of choices presented to modern consumers, it is more important than ever for products and services to have strong marketing in order to break through the din and deliver the messages customers need to hear. This is why a strong background in marketing is so important in today's saturated marketplace.

Marketing Writing Stats

  • # of TPE writers who specialize in Marketing: 32
  • # of Marketing papers we've written: 900+
  • Average completion time for a Marketing paper: 2 days
  • # of jobs opening up in this field yearly: 40,000
  • Emergency writing availability: Yes

Marketing students receive an education designed to prepare them to deliver value to consumers, organizations, and the wider marketplace. Students receive a strong liberal arts background combined with powerful and focused business and marketing studies designed to prepare them to interact in the global marketplace in an effective and ethical way. A degree in marketing involves deep study across disciplines, including business, economics, organizational behaviour, consumer behaviour, psychology and sociology, marketing ethics, information design, media utilization techniques, marketing research methods and much more. This broad-based and interdisciplinary approach to marketing gives students insight into the modern world of marketing, where the artistic and information design side of creating marketing messages rests in tension with the research-based and evidence-based results-oriented approach of the corporate business world. A strong marketing student must be able to balance these competing forces and harness them to achieve powerful results. A marketing student is therefore one who is both a master of interdisciplinary studies as well as an expert in the business of translating those competing forces into a unified marketing vision.

Careers for Marketing Grads

Marketing students have a number of strong opportunities in the public and private sectors, in both the business-to-business (B2B) area as well as the business-to-consumer field. Careers range from traditional advertising positions, to jobs in promotions, sales, e-marketing, and brand management. Marketing students are well prepared for a successful future once they have that degree in hand.

Marketing Careers

There are a lot of different ways to use your degree in marketing in the business world, here are a few of them:

  • Advertising Account Coordinator/Executive – The liaison between creative professionals and clients
  • Media Buyer – Making sure your clients have the space they need on billboards, in magazines, on the radio and television to send their message to the world
  • Product Development Manager – Work directly with a team putting together a new product to make sure it will sell
  • Market Research – Find out what companies need to know about their target markets
  • Market Analyst – Watch the sales data, watch the competition, and make recommendations based on what you find
  • Public Relations – Keep your client or company in the limelight, and manage the information that gets out to the public

What We Do for Marketing Students

The Paper Experts provides powerful academic support to empower marketing students to realize their potential, overcome challenges, and earn their degrees. Our talented staff produces the best in customized marketing essays and papers to help you with your toughest assignments and reduce the time and effort you spend on the busywork of academia.

Here are some of the types of marketing essays and papers we can produce for you:

  • Case Studies
  • Marketing Plans
  • Proposals
  • Marketing Ethics
  • Marketing Literature Reviews
  • And many more!

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