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Picking a Topic for Your Essay

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The Problem of Topic vs. Approach             In most classes where essays are assigned there is a great variation in the amount of leeway that is offered for picking topics. Even when an instructor assigns a given topic or offers...

No Grammar, Please; We're Programmers

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             Every day we are bombarded by subtle messages that form perceptions we think are our own. One of these is that the "hard" sciences like Engineering are completely different from the "soft" sciences like English. Such perceptions are so...

Dial E for Shakespeare

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It was his first year at college and the Freshman was ready for the first Englishclass of his university career. In those days and in that college, it was still expected thatthe men wore coats and ties, and the Freshman...

Behind the Grading Curtain: What Your Grade Actually Means

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There are many different systems of grading in the world, but almost all rely on the same principle: a student's performance is ranked according to specific criteria. The letter-grade system using the letters A, B, C, D and F is...
There were once three brothers who were not on the best of terms. Syntax was the eldest and most popular. Everybody knew him, and even if they didn't quite understand him all the time (and most could not even recall...

Nine Easy Steps to Creating the Perfect Essay: Part 1

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It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that writing essays is simply a matter of having an idea and then writing for a while. Even if you know that it's more than that -- a process involving...

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