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How NOT to Conduct Research

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A Modest Proposal             This post is about -- as the title suggests -- how NOT to find good, supportive information for your essay. This should in no way prove useful for writing your paper, and you should certainly not...

Taking Note

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Note-taking is one of those old stand-by skills that just seems like a permanent mental fixture in the rambling monstrosity that is academic thought. It's so important that almost every university website offers an extensive section on how to do...

The One Thing that Guarantees Academic Success

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             Academia is a weird place, man. No really. It's seriously bizarre, but not for the reasons you'd expect. Sure, there's loads of pressure coming from all sides: lecturers, family, friends, work and the perennial online distractions. Sure, there's...

Citations: How, Why and What to Reference in Your Essay

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 The Wherefore and the Why of Citations             An essay is only as good as the information that proves its ideas. This basic truth causes no end of consternation when writing an essay because we tend to focus more on...
A First Word on Procrastination             Every teacher will tell you that at least one of the keys to producing brilliant writing is to leave yourself time to review and edit, which means starting early. Every student will admit to...

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