Add Some Dazzle to a Dull Essay

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9312433_s.jpgYou've just finished your rough draft for a college essay that you've been working on, read through it a couple of times, and are pretty confident that it's a solid piece. You're probably right, but it might actually have one major downfall - it's dull. Don't get caught in this trap that a lot of students find themselves in. Follow these 4 tips to bumping up a boring essay and avoid having it tossed in the "No" pile:`

 1. Grab your reader's attention in the first paragraph or sentence. Your intro is basically the most crucial part of your paper. It's where you get the one chance to "hook" your reader, and have them wanting to read on. Start with your most interesting facts or points in order to grab your reader's attention faster, which is just what you want. Don't save the "good stuff" for the middle of the paper - throw it out there right away to keep you reader engaged right off the bat.

2. Keep your reader's attention once you've got it. Don't let your reader's interest slip after grabbing it in the introductory paragraph by filling the following sentences with mundane generalizations. Provide specific examples and fill them with details that paint a clear picture of what you're trying to convey.

3. Make your copy "sing". Be as specific as you possibly can to make your paper jump out and become real to the reader. Run through your essay and look for spots where you can provide more concrete details.

4. Avoid using too many adjectives. Admissions officers and professors are pretty keen on identifying when too many descriptive words are used just to "fill" the paper.  For example, instead of saying, "I love how the twinkling, sparkling Christmas lights look at night", say something like, "The lights on the Christmas trees lining the downtown streets glowed, and flashes of red, white and green wove around the city streets".


Keep your essay interesting throughout in order to grab - and keep - your reader's attention.

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