Decorating Tips to Spruce Up Your Dorm Room

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220521_s.jpgIf you're like most college students, you probably don't have the money or the time to decorate your dorm room to make it comfortable and stylish. Granted, most of the time spent in this room is probably only going to be for sleeping and studying, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't put in a little effort to decorate it - after all, this will be your home for the next few months at least. Here are some affordable and fun ways to spice up a dull dorm room:

Plants - You'd be amazed at how much life can be breathed into a space with the simple placement of a few plants here and there. Not only will they bring some earthy colours to the room, but they can also bring some sweet smells too. Potted plants are pretty inexpensive, so buying a couple of them should't break the bank.

Lighting - If the only source of light in your dorm room is from a tiny table lamp, do yourself a favour and add some decorative, functional lighting to the space. You don't have to hang an expensive chandelier to make a difference - even visiting some garage sales or checking out CraigsList for used lighting can help add some brightness to your room very affordably. Having at least three or four sources of light can soften the space and create a warmer ambience.

Cheap Artwork - Who says you need to visit the local art gallery to get some trendy artwork to hang on your walls? Use a little creativity and imagination to dress up your room, such as framing postcards, wrapping old retro fabrics around a square piece of plywood, or checking out sites like Etsy can help you find great pieces to decorate your walls on a budget.

Window Curtains - Decorative drapes can make a big difference in a room and really add some spice and personality. Find some scrap fabric, or even visit Value Village for old material that has some bright and bold colours to give your dorm room a little personality. You don't even need a curtain rod if you can't afford it - instead, simply attach the curtains to the top of the window frame or even from the ceiling to really create a stylish focal point.

 Having a cool dorm room doesn't have to cost you a fortune - just use your imagination and look around you for some inspiration to decorate on a budget!

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