4 Ways to Make Some Extra Cash While in College

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4631919_s.jpgHaving a part-time job while in college is often necessary to give students the extra cash they need for all sorts of expenditures. But instead of working a mindless job that you probably hate, try your hand at more unique - and often much higher-paying - methods to bring in those extra funds. Here are 4 ways to make extra money while in college:

1 - Start Blogging

Writing about what interests you or drives you nuts can help you provide some content for a blog that you can actually make some money off of. Do you have an affinity for sponge Bob or Angry Bird? Do piles of flyers in your mailbox drive you crazy? Chances are you've got something to say, and people just might want to hear it. Blogging is super easy, and most college students probably already know a thing or two about how to set one up and start blogging within minutes. Before you know it, your blog could be getting hundreds of hits a day, bringing you in cold cash by selling ads or suggesting products to your readers -- all without ever having to leave your dorm room.

2 - Start Freelancing

If the thought of having the same job day in and day out for an extended period of time doesn't excite you, and you have some sort of monetizing talent, then freelancing could be perfect for you. Instead getting paid minimum wage at some fast food joint, get paid per project you complete. Some of these freelancing projects can include anything from writing articles, designing logos, taking photographs and even crocheting hats. The best part is that you set your own hours and your price, and do something you enjoy while getting paid for it.

3 - Give Music Lessons

If you are a pro at playing the guitar or the piano, why not give private lessons? Giving lessons to those looking to learn how to play a specific instrument is a great way to earn some extra cash while doing something you enjoy. Just market your services by posting ads on common college boards, or even online.

4 - Design T-Shirt Logos

College students love t-shirts that have some sort of funny slogan or memorable line from a movie. If you've got a talent for designing logos or creating pictures suitable for t-shirts, why not use this talent to create a popular design that could potentially earn you a small fortune? Online companies like Threadless and Spreadshirt are perfect examples of online places where all you have to do is create your design, upload it and send it to the t-shirt manufacturers who will pay you a percentage of the income they make from selling your designs!

Raking in some extra cash while in college can be done in all sorts of creative ways. Just use your talents and skills, and a little imagination, to find the perfect avenue to make a little extra money in college!

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