5 Things to Take Care of Before the Semester Starts

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11244278_s.jpgYou might think it's a bit early to start thinking about the beginning of the fall semester in college already, but preparing now can make a massive difference on the stress level of trying to scramble to get everything together before class begins. Many students make the same mistake every summer - waiting until the last minute to do things like registering for classes and gathering supplies. Instead of procrastinating, get the following tasks out of the way early to make for a much smoother start to the school season:

1 - Get Your Financial Aid in Order

Getting your finances straight should be priority number one. Getting all this paperwork out of the way can eliminate any unpleasant surprises upon application and registration, which can have a major impact on your college year.

2 - Register For Courses

This is another top-priority task. The last thing you want is to begin the registration process, only to find out that all your top picks are full. Scrounging the bottom of the barrel for remaining classes that either don't fit your schedule nicely or are of little interest to you is not how you want to start off your semester. Don't get stuck taking the leftovers and register early for your courses.

3 - Look For Book Sales Online

A lot of courses will require students to come to the first class with the necessary books in hand, meaning these purchases need to be made before the semester starts. In these cases, try looking online for any good deals on the texts required for your classes so that you can snag a good price and be ready on the first day. Look at sites that specialize in renting or selling used texts, like Amazon. Most sites will allow returns if your prof decides the texts need to be changed.

4 - Set Up Your Work Schedule

Plenty of college students work part-time while going to school. If you're one of these, get your work schedule set to make sure that your classes don't conflict with your work responsibilities, and vice versa. This is where registering early for classes makes even more sense.

5 - Take Advantage of Sales on Supplies

Many big-box stores like Staples and Walmart offer sales during the summer on school supplies, especially pricey ones like calculators and laptops. Waiting until the day before the semester starts will undoubtedly have you paying full price. Shop early and scope out the deals to save a few bucks.

Don't forget to squeeze in as much fun as you can in the summer - before you know it, you'll have your nose buried in the books!


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