How Students Can Benefit From Social Media

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20602866_s.jpgSocial media has been under a lot of scrutiny lately about how distracting it can be, and how it can actually pose certain dangers, such as cyber-bullying. But there are tons of benefits and opportunities that social networks offer students, both in learning and in levels of interactivity.

Think about it - it's pretty easy to see how students in particular are able to benefit from social media. After all, students as young as kindergartners are using technologies such as iPads and Smart-boards as part of their learning environment, which is a far cry from the educational landscape that anyone over the age of 20 can relate to!

There's no escaping it - as students learn more and more through non-traditional mediums, it's essential that they adapt to the world by using new forms of communication. For college students and those entering the workforce, connections are important, and social media provides them with that platform.

Here are some ways that students are benefiting from social media:

Connections - The main purpose behind social media is the ease of connections made between people from opposite ends of the world. Sharing with people around them - whether virtually or not - provides students with a sense of "community". Users of social media can interact with each other and gather information from a someone that they never have to meet in person.

Internet Engagement - Of course, students are using social media to engage in conversations and connections that are purely 'fluff' at best. But in addition to that, students are able to communicate with professors and instructors about their subjects and classes, giving them an added avenue through which to conveniently gain the answers they are looking for to succeed in their college courses. What's more is that students using social media on a regular basis are developing skills needed to create an internet presence - a skill that will undoubtedly be important in the corporate world once college life has come to an end.

Knowledge and Information - Sure, social media is often used to exchange frivolous information, such as videos of cats doing crazy stunts, or other data that has no meaning other than pure amusement. But social media also provides students with the ability to share knowledge and information about classes, tips, projects and other course information at lightening speed. This new means of communication is giving students the ability to analyze and retain information, without them even realizing that they are developing these skills.

Social Media Marketing - For those looking to brand themselves and market their services,social media provides the ultimate medium to do that. College graduates are easily able to build an online portfolio and presence, and connect with others that may be their ticket to the perfect job or career.

Setting aside the possible negatives that come along with social media, this medium can be hugely beneficial to the student if used properly and responsibly. Social media provides students with some essential skills that are part of our world today.

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