How to Save Some Cash When Buying Your College Textbooks

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7260816_s.jpgIt's no secret that college textbooks can be ridiculously expensive. As if you haven't paid enough on your tuition, you're still not done flipping the bill for other expenditures, like college books. College students can easily spend well over $1,000 in textbooks, leaving little leftover for extracurricular fun. But there are some ways for you to shave a little off the top of your book expenses while still getting access to all you need to be ready for your classes.

1 - Buy Your Textbooks Online

Campus bookstores will no doubt have the heftiest price tag on textbooks, so try checking out other avenues to buy your books. Go online to sites like Amazon,, or even eBay to see what type of books are offered and if any of them match what you need for the specific classes you're taking. Most of the time the prices are much less than what you would pay at the campus bookstore. Just be armed with a list of the sources you need for your classes first before shopping online.

2 - Check For Digital Sources

Given the technological age we live in, an increasing number of college classes are beginning to offer textbooks in digital format where paper versions are not necessary. Some universities, such as California State, have deals with digital suppliers of textbooks where e-books are used in place of paper texts. Considering the absence of printing, publication and distribution, these e-books are generally much cheaper.

3 - Sell/Trade Your Textbooks

Check with your campus bookstore to see what their buyback policy is like. Many of these stores have a policy where students are able to return their texts for a certain buyback price after their course has ended, provided the text is in good condition and is still going to be the edition needed for the following semester's class. Depending on the store and the school, you can get as much as 50% back on your purchase. That's quite the savings!

4 - Borrow/Buy Textbooks From Friends

If you have college mates that have already taken the class that you're taking the following semester and they no longer need their texts, ask them if you can either borrow or buy the text off them. In many situations where these students aren't able to sell the books back to the campus bookstore, students would rather sell for a menial price than getting rid of the book without getting anything back for it. If they're looking for someone to take the text off their hands for a small fee, why not look to a fellow college student?

College students aren't exactly the wealthiest demographic in the world, as you may have learned the hard way. Why not save a buck or two when you can by getting your hands on textbooks the unconventional way!

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