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4 Digital Tools to Help You Stay on Top of Your Game in College

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College courses have barely even started, and students everywhere are already scrambling trying to keep up with their ever-growing list of assignments due and tests on the horizon. Couple that with extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs and dorm-floor parties, and you've...

4 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You in College

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Smartphones can certainly be a major distraction to students, with temptations to tweet 50 times a day or browse the latest YouTube video gone viral. But these little gadgets can also be used for the good of your college...

4 Apps to Help You Study Effectively

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If you're like many other college kids who get a little frustrated and overwhelmed at the progress (or lack thereof) you've been making so far when it comes to studying regularly, you're not alone. Being self-disciplined enough to keep a...

4 Things You Need to Know Before Your First College Class Starts

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You've graduated from high school, went to your senior prom, and are enjoying the last few days of summer holidays. Now is the time to start prepping for your very first college class! So how exactly do you go about...

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