4 Apps to Help You Study Effectively

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10816394_s.jpgIf you're like many other college kids who get a little frustrated and overwhelmed at the progress (or lack thereof) you've been making so far when it comes to studying regularly, you're not alone. Being self-disciplined enough to keep a regular study habit can be a bit tough to stick with, especially with all the other things happening in college (like dorm floor parties, part-time jobs, and the like). Luckily, your iPad, iPhone and any other smartphone you happen to have at the moment can actually be a friend when it comes to keeping up with your studies.

Here are 4 apps that can be super helpful in the studying department:

1 - Cram - Prepping for an upcoming exam has never been easier, thanks to the Cram app. Review the class materials that your prof has lectured on by use of digital flashcards, then test how much of this info you've retained through a series of multiple-choice questions. Cram will then record your grade from the little quiz, and help you track your progress. You can even sync your lecture notes from class right up to your Mac with the help of this app.

2 - inClass - This free app is compatible with iPhones and iPads, and helps students keep up with class topics and material by providing them with handy tools that will help you to never miss a class lecture. Simply record audio of the lecture, and even take video and text notes from class. This app even provides the option for students to create images of handouts from class. After you've gathered such info, you can even share it with your pals through iTunes and Facebook.

3 - Margins - For the keeners who like to be super detailed with notes while reading a text, the Margins app is for you. Users can simply search for keywords within a specific book thanks to the amazing organization of all annotations made by book and page number! This app will also allow you to leave specific notes you made about a certain passage that caught your attention, and what exactly is was about that script that got you thinking.

4 - Open Study Mobile - Even the best of us need a little help here and there, which is why tutoring has been a huge help for students for decades. So how does having 24/7 access to a tutor sound - for free?! The Open Study mobile app helps students get help with their studies around the clock from fellow students or a volunteer to help solve some of the more challenging problems that class assignments can pose.

You most likely own a smartphone of some type, so why not use it to your advantage in college besides helping you keep in touch with your buddies and get a little study help with these awesome apps!

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