4 Digital Tools to Help You Stay on Top of Your Game in College

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14763388_l.jpgCollege courses have barely even started, and students everywhere are already scrambling trying to keep up with their ever-growing list of assignments due and tests on the horizon. Couple that with extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs and dorm-floor parties, and you've got yourself a bonafide full plate. While you might feel as though you're slowly drowning in a pile of tasks, there are a few handy mobile apps and websites that are available for you to help you stay on top of your game in college and get you through with flying colors.

1 - Spreeder

If you're like most students who are easily distracted by the smallest things while trying to read and absorb the information in front of you, then this handy little website can do wonders for you. Designed to help students improve their reading comprehension and build up reading speed, the Spreeder website has been helping an increasing number of students amp up their reading efficiency while they have their noses deep in the pages of their text. The site works by showing you a passage of text word-by-word at a specified word-per-minute speed to help you gradually develop a new-found set of reading and comprehension skills.

2 - EasyBib

Who's got time to do manual citations on a paper? You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone on campus who does! For this reason, you might want to trade in your MLA handbook for the EasyBib bibliography and citation generator that spits out all the citations you need in seconds, in the format you require. All you need to get this convenient digital tool working for you is the basics, and EasyBib will do all the rest for you.  And did we mention it's free?

3 - Zotero

Do you spend hours jumping from one website to another looking for those perfect quotes and sources to include in your paper, only to exit the webpage before remembering to save that vital piece of info to your desktop? It's pretty frustrating and cumbersome to have to fiddle through your webpage history sifting through all the sites you've been on in the recent past looking for that sweet article you happened to stumble upon in the Wall Street Journal. Zotero was developed just for such situations: it automatically identifies content in your browser, and helps you organize all the sources you're interested in with one simple bookmark. Store anything with Zotero, from PDF's to Word docs all in one easy-to-use place.

4 - Chegg Flashcards

Forget the cardboard version of flashcards. Instead of flipping through these tedious cards, you could be swiping through digital flashcards on your iPhone instead. This handy i-tool can be accessed 24 hours a day whenever you need study tools to help you retain all that vital info for an upcoming test. This app allows you to create custom flashcards, or access millions of pre-fabricated cards that are powered by Quizlet.

So there you have it. Finding all the help you need for studying and getting tasks completed on time has never been so easy thanks to all these handy websites and apps out there.

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