4 Things You Need to Know Before Your First College Class Starts

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7207059_s.jpgYou've graduated from high school, went to your senior prom, and are enjoying the last few days of summer holidays. Now is the time to start prepping for your very first college class! So how exactly do you go about prepping for that very first day of courses? One thing is for sure - college classes are much different than what you've experienced in high school over the last four years.

Take some of these factors into consideration before the first week of September rolls around:

1 - Get There Early

Well, duh! Obviously being on time for classes is something you probably learned the hard way in high school, but this point carries a lot more weight when it comes to college. Since you're brand-spanking new to the campus, plan on getting there about a half hour early so you can figure out your way around, and get comfortable with your route to class. Some college campuses can be a lot like a maze, so getting yourself acquainted with the grounds is a good idea so you won't be late for your very first class!

2 - Keep an Open Mind About Your Classmates

If you thought the student body in your high school was varied, wait until you hit the college campus! Make sure to keep an open mind about the kids you are attending class with - don't shut any particular group out based on your first impression of them. Making the right connections can really help you out when it comes to succeeding in your college classes. Many college mates could potentially become part of a great study group or a source of support when certain things in class are making no sense to you. Don't underestimate how helpful college classmates can be to make your entire educational experience much more positive!

3 - Keep Up With Your Prof

This is especially true in larger classes. Unlike high school where there were maybe 25 to 30 kids to a class, the first year of college usually incorporates a few large classes than can have a student population upwards of 800 or 900! For this reason, your professor simply will not have the time to answer questions every two seconds for those who maybe missed a point. Instead, try to focus and pay close attention to your prof, and keep up with the lecture. Make sure to jot down anything you might need clarification on, and go through the proper channels to have these questions answered as per your particular college class.

4 - Take Notes Right Away

The first day or two of college classes usually are filled with a mountain of important information, such as what the teaching method will be like, how to contact the professor or teaching assistant to have questions answered, the types of opportunities to earn extra credit, and when certain assignment might be due. These little tidbits of information are crucial in order to be successful in your college classes, and can have a huge impact on your experience as well as your grades.

Make sure to find out everything there is to know about your college campus, the student body, and what your profs will expect from you - doing so can make your college experience a lot easier!



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