4 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You in College

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15526142_s.jpgSmartphones can certainly be a major distraction to students, with temptations to tweet 50 times a day or browse the latest YouTube video gone viral. But these little gadgets can also be used for the good of your college education too, if used properly. The following are 4 ways that your smartphone can actually help you through college.

1 - Staying Organized - There are tons of apps now available for students to download onto their mobile phones with the sole purpose of helping kids stay organized and on top of their piles of assignments and chores. Apps such as PlannerPlus, iStudiez Pro, Remember the Milk and ToDoMatrix are all designed to make it super easy and convenient to organize tasks or events, and help focus on assignments and other things that are coming due. Many of these apps are also able to sync with email and laptops to help make sure that you never forget to complete a task. 

2 - Studying - In addition to staying organized, there are an increasing number of handy apps that are available to help you keep up with your studies. What if you want to brief yourself on a particular topic to make sure you're ready for a test? There's the Quizlet app for that. And what if you want to study using flashcards, but don't necessary want to lug a big box full of them to and from school? The Flashcards Deluxe is the app for you. With the plethora of study-aid apps out there, you really have no excuse not to stay on top of your studies!

3 - Making Up To-Do Lists - No matter how many tasks you have on your plate that need to get done, keeping them organized and scheduled is important to ensure they all get done on time. It's pretty easy to suffer from brain-overload in college, so anything that can help you list and schedule your tasks is warmly welcomed. Apps like Wunderlist, Dispatch and Nozbe are great apps to help you list and manage everything from shared grocery lists to your class essays.  

4 - Setting Deadlines - Making a to-do list is all fine and dandy, but it's pretty useless if you forget to look at it or set up some sort of schedule to help get all these tasks done. Clear deadlines and reminders are crucial to help you keep tabs on what needs to be done and when. To help in this realm, apps like iProcrastinate and Studious are specifically designed to help you schedule everything on your to-do list so that you see exactly what task needs to be knocked off next.

So instead of watching a string of cat videos on YouTube or spending 3 hours catching up on your friends' Facebook statuses, use your smartphone for something a little more useful to help you succeed in college!


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