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Mott Community College Custom Writing

Mott Community College

The city of Flint, Michigan, is best known as the hometown of filmmaker Michael Moore, whose first hit documentary, Roger and Me, chronicled his investigation into the economic conditions of the city. Over the decades that followed, Flint has changed considerably, and today the area’s dynamic and diverse population has access to high quality education from one of America’s best community colleges. Mott Community College is located in Flint and serves more than 10,500 students. They are taking courses in 40 pre-associates certificates and 61 associates degree programs. Of the student body, 6,500 are part time students while an additional 4,000 attend full time. At Mott Community College more than one in four students is a minority. The Humanities division is home to some of the school’s most popular courses. Highlights include radio, television and film; sign language interpreter education; and composition for technical fields. The school is also known for its basketball program.

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