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Custom Essay Writing Services for North Iowa Area Community College

North Iowa Area Community College Custom Writing

North Iowa Area Community College

When you think of Iowa, chances are that you think of rolling farms, fields of corn, and endless skies. And when you think of Mason, Iowa, the chances are pretty good that you have in mind one of the city’s best assets, North Iowa Area Community College. Founding in 1918, North Iowa Area Community College is the oldest public two-year college in Iowa and an essential education provider for the North Iowa region. The school boasts a student population of more than 3,700, of whom 56% are enrolled in programs designed to qualify them for transfer to a four-year institution. The remaining 44% are enrolled in vocational and career programs. For first time students attending full time to seek a degree, 42% will graduate within three years, while 20% more will transfer to a four-year school prior to graduation. North Iowa Area Community College boasts lower tuition than many other community colleges in its region.

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