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Comparison and Contrast Essays

A comparison and contrast essay is exactly what it is called. It simply means comparing things. The first step is brainstorming to compare how two items are similar. Organize these to form the essay. Form the thesis of the comparison and find three main points of the comparison. The comparison essay is a typical five-paragraph essay except it's comparing something.

Sample Paragraph of a Comparison and Contrast Essay:

Psychology and philosophy are similar to one another in many ways. Philosophy asks questions similar to how psychology asks questions about humans. Philosophy discusses life while psychology studies life. Philosophy addresses questions concerning the reason mankind makes the decisions he has in the past and psychology continues to address why mankind act the way they do. A class in philosophy or psychology will be similar in nature because they study life in general.

This is a sample paragraph of a comparison essay between philosophy and psychology showing they are similar in nature. The essay lists ways they are similar and yet states how they are slightly different.

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