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Definition Essays

The definition essay can be described as defining the act of a word, phrase, or term. It gives clear and distinct facts about something. Taking this into account the definition essay can be personal, funny, entertaining, stimulating, and even memorable. The definition essay can be one of several different types of essays such as analysis or comparison. It should have details, examples, results, and effects. Begin by deciding the terms that need to be defined. Decide who the audience will be. What is the purpose of the essay? What term will be defined? What are the characteristics of the term? Is it part of a classification? Use facts, examples, and anecdotes to describe the term. The thesis will usually clearly identify the term that is going to be defined.

Sample Paragraph of a Definition Essay: What Is Love?

Millions of people say, "I love you." What is love? Love can be defined as a strong liking for someone or something. Love is affectionate feelings for different people including husband, wife, children, friends, co-workers, and God. However, the love for each of these is completely different. Various types of love exist. Love is an intense feeling of affection, an emotion and even affects the way a person acts. Love is usually strong between a husband and a wife but the type of love is different than love for a child. Love for a husband can be different than love for one's God. Love can be romantic or it can be described as lust sometimes. Yet, without love what would life be like?

This is a sample paragraph of a definition essay because it defines love. It is similar to a compare/contrast essay because it describes different types of love. The definition for love is defined in the thesis sentence. The essay gives facts about different types of love. Statistics, quotes, and anecdotes could enlarge this paragraph defining love.

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