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Writing a dissertation is usually begins with choosing the idea and developing a sound thesis. A PhD dissertation is a lengthy formal document that will argue your thesis and this usually is presented to a doctoral committee. The scientific method of writing a dissertation begins with a hypothesis. Lots of research is vital to support or deny the hypothesis. A dissertation should present the principles learned. Good writing is necessary and definitely several critiques of the work before presenting it to the doctoral committee.

Sample Paragraph of a Dissertation:

"Numerous surveys and studies confirm that occupational pressures and fears are far and away the leading source of stress for American adults" (Job 2004). Studying the specific causes of stress such as bullies at the workplace is necessary to the employees. If bullies are eliminated from the work place stress will be lower. If bullies are not eliminated from the work force stress will continue and even become more of a problem. "Studies confirm that workplace bullies is a major problem in the workforce" (Bullies 2004). Bullies often put stress on an employee, which stresses the employee and limits the ability of doing the job. "Surveys by L and A confirm that stress is often caused from workplace bullies" (L and A 2004). Removing workplace bullies will reduce the stress employees increasing the production at work.

This is a sample paragraph of a dissertation about workplace bullies and stress. The hypothesis focuses on how bullies should be eliminated from the work place so employee stress will be lower. The negative side of the hypothesis is if bullies continue or even grow in the workplace then more stress will lower the production of the business. Several quotes are used to support the thesis.

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