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Title: The Effects of Oil Spills and Methods to Subvert Them


Thesis Statement: Oil spills have significant short and long-term consequences for marine habitats; they can be overcome with minimal damage by stopping the leak and letting natural microbes degrade the oil over time or using absorbents (not detergents) to aid the microbial process.

Introduction Points:

  • oil spills cause physical smothering of marine species
  • spills cause reproductive damage
  • spills disrupt ecological balance

Section Heading: Short-Term Impact

First Paragraph Topic Sentence: The short term impact of an oil spill is that it leads to the physical smothering of creatures that happen to be in the marine environment – presumably because oil smothers gills and acts as a thick coat cast over plant life (Stewart, 2005).

Paragraph Points:

  • Oil clogs fish gills, blocks sunlight, and hampers movement. Use (British Petroleum, n.d.)

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