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  • Oil destroys marine plant life, and disrupts marine ecology from the base level. Use (British Petroleum, n.d.)
  • Oil's effects aren't limited to submarine life, as it clogs gills, it also damages bird feathers. Use (Elston, 2010)

Second Paragraph Topic Sentence: Another short-term impact of an oil spill is that the oil spill can literally cause marine species to stop reproducing insofar as oil components – along with the health complications they create – can seep into the aforementioned organisms (Stewart, 2005).

Paragraph Points:

  • Oil disrupts reproduction directly. Use (Kennedy, 2010)
  • Oil spills destroy the food chain, affecting reproduction through lack of nutrition. Use ("Gulf of Mexico marine life endangered for generations," n.d.)
  • Oil jeopardizes marine egg survival. Use (Goldenberg, 2010)

Third Paragraph Topic Sentence: A final short-term impact of an oil spill is that the oil spill will inevitably result in different concentrations of marine species in the affected waters. For instance, there will surely be an increase in inter-tidal algae in the waters because of the death of limpets that graze on the algae (Dicks, 1999).

Paragraph Points:





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