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  • Already endangered species become more vulnerable in an oil spill. E.g. Bluefin tuna. Use (Richard, 2010)

Section Heading: Long-Term Impact

First Paragraph Topic Sentence: An oil spill can cause enduring long-term damage to local physical habitats because of its toxic components.

Paragraph Points:

  • Oil contamination persists for years. Use (Kingston, 2002)

Second Paragraph Topic Sentence: An oil spill can cause some species to disappear forever.

Paragraph Points:

  • Some species are devastated. Use (Elmgren et al, 1983)
  • Other species are resistant, tipping the resulting ecology out of balance in their favour. Use Elmgren et al, 1983)

Third Paragraph Topic Sentence: The oil spill will inevitably spread over time and devastate turtle and bird stocks inland.

Paragraph Points:

  • Species outside the spill zone will suffer over time. Use ("Oil





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