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Chicago Essay Template

Your Last Name Goes Here 5

       6. Sheila Nevins, "Most Men Don't Cry—Why?", WowOwow: The Women on the Web,

Note: If there is no author listed, simply begin with the title of the piece, like this:

       7. "Facing up to China," The Economist, displayStory.cfm?story_id=15452821&source=hptextfeature.

Subsequent references to the same article use the word "Ibid." (Latin for "in the same place") if cited twice in a row:

       8. Ibid.

This note would then refer back to note 7, "Facing up to China."

If you refer to a source later, but not immediately after its first note, use a short form of the note, like this:

       9. Callow, Iron Kingdom, 45.

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