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Thank you for your interest in our college and graduate school essay application service. It is the intention of this service to help you reach your academic goals by creating an application that best represents you and your objectives to your primary institution of choice. We carefully and methodically approach your application, as you would present a business plan to a bank so you get the loan you are applying for. In this case we are selling you and everything about you. Every one of us has their strengths, but it is how you use your words and thoughts that can make the difference between being accepted and being rejected. Through our experience we believe it is best to know everything about you as well as the program you are applying to so we can create an exceptional application essay. It is here where we find the similarities and strengths we can highlight to get you noticed.

The purpose of our application writing service is to:

1. Get you noticed.
2. Create a rapport between yourself and the reader.
3. Make an initial impact on the reader to keep them reading your application.
4. Keep a consistent flow of ideas and words that make you seem legitimate and trustworthy.
5. Make sure your academic successes are magnified to appeal to these schools.
6. Highlight any activities outside of school to show your propensity for diversity.

Given the large number of applicants vying for a limited number of positions in our colleges today, we understand the extraordinary pressure students are under. With so many qualified students applying at the same time it isn’t just about who has the highest marks. From our years of experience in writing applications and petition field essays, we can attest that there are many other factors that come into play in a successful application.

Universities, and competitive academic programs such as medicine, engineering and law, not only want to know your grades but also the background qualities you bring to the table. The requirement for background essays and well-drafted application letters reveal their interest in what you – as a student – will contribute to their schools. The only way they can learn this – in addition to a personal interview – is through your application and background essay. This is where we come in.

Our experience in writing university and college applications extends far beyond simple essay writing. We learn about who you are, your background and your goals, so that we can more effectively communicate why these merit your acceptance to the school of your preference. We have seven years of experience in drafting successful applications and background letters. Look at the various services we offer and see what a difference our college application services can do for you.

We call you and include you in the writing process!

This is an all-inclusive service that writes your application from scratch based upon the information we receive from you. Information pertinent to this matter includes your resume, biographical and other background information – which we can use to “sell” you more effectively to the school of your choice. This process takes approximately 3 days to complete. However, if you are looking for something really quick we can assign a writer to your application right away. He or she will focus exclusively on your application until you are satisfied.

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