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Feedback Essays

A feedback essay tells a person how they did with something like writing an essay, completing an assignment, or a job interview. The purpose of this type of essay is to give feedback. For instance, a teacher may assign everyone in class to write an essay about a student who gave a speech or presentation in the class.

Sample Paragraph of a Feedback Essay of a Classmate Giving a Speech

The student seemed very nervous as she walked back and forth across the room. She did not seem to be prepared because she often paused as if to get her next idea. The topic she spoke about was interesting and she failed to give evidence that her thesis was valid. Perhaps if she had spent some time getting evidence her speech might have been more relevant.

This is a sample paragraph of a feedback essay on a classmate who gave a speech. The writer states the speaker was obvious nervous because she paced the floor. She continues to give feedback stating the writer did not seem prepared for the speech.

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