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Journal Writing

Journal writing often begins in elementary school and continues throughout college. Teachers use journal writing as a method to get to know the individual students and to see the ability of the students to write and express themselves. Journal writing can be personal or it can describe the events of a class period.

A Sample Paragraph of Journal Writing

June 25, 2004

Today's class discussed the feelings of people in the United States who are having difficulty finding employment because immigrants are taking jobs away from them. The students discussed how globalization is bringing change to the world. The United States and Canada have an open door to immigrants. The immigrant board is supposed to select immigrants that offer something to the country such as the skills of a physician.

This is a sample paragraph of journal writing of a student's notes on a class. She discusses the discussion the class had on immigrants and globalization. The student does not make any personal comments about her feelings about the discussion. She briefly states the facts concerning the discussion of the class.

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