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How Much do I Compare in a Compare and Contrast Essay?

-- 2014-10-21
This semester I have to work on compare and contrast essay topics. What I’d like to know is how many compare and contrast points show I try to include in a five page essay comparing and contrasting Hitler and Stalin? What would be a good number and why?
-- 2014-10-22 
While there is not a rule necessarily about this, it is good that you recognize the limitations of the space you have. That is, one way to do this is to think about each paragraph as holding a compare/contrast point that can be discussed with some substance. I would recommend four significant points through which to make this comparison. Three would work as well. The idea is that you are giving yourself room to develop the discussion with a little depth rather than tossing out a lot of comparisons or contrasts. This will sharpen your thesis in the end. The closer the focus you have, the better in terms of finding comparative points that are somewhat related to each other. I would avoid any biographical comparisons, but focus on the political, social, and perhaps economic aspects of each as a leader. What were the impacts and implications of each leader's approach to creating a system of rule? I hope this helps you, and thank you.

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