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Two Sides in a Persuasive Essay?

-- 2014-10-21
In my English 101 class, we need to write a paper on whether aliens visited earth in prehistoric times. We’re supposed to pick yes or no and make it convincing. So I’m wondering what is persuasive essay format? Do I just focus on my point of view, or do I have to also talk about the other side? I’m arguing that aliens did visit because I’m a huge fan of Ancient Aliens. Do persuasive essays still give both sides of the question?
-- 2014-10-22 
The short answer is, yes, you should consider the other side of the argument. However, in this case, there does not seem to be a great amount of evidence to weigh. Therefore, you should ask yourself as a writer what you think is persuasive about your point of view on this topic. The main thing is to avoid arguing for one side simply because you like that idea. Granted, this is a difficult topic to argue about since there does not seem to be much to go on, which leads me to believe that the instructor is more interested in you being able to sound persuasive and to follow some logical train.

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