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On National Culture

-- 2014-10-24
What did Frantz Fanon discuss and how can I include that in my essay on national culture?
-- 2014-10-24 
Fanon is often used as a theorist of the post-colonial psychology in terms of how it is shaped by the colonizing oppressor. He is also placed into criticisms of the state from a Marxist point of view concerning class struggle involving a base and superstructure. In this respect, his psychological interests in what is repressed or held in check somewhat mirror his political interests. If you were writing an essay on the national culture of a former colony, Fanon would be helpful in exposing some of the problems involved in freeing one's mind from those past shackles, or in demonstrating how the national culture becomes a kind of psychological construct. Benedict Anderson's _Imagined Communities_ is often cited as a seminal work on the way nationality becomes a shared mental phenomenon. Thank you for the question, and I hope this helps.

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