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Selecting a Dissertation Topic

-- 2014-10-27
I’ve put together a list of dissertation topics in education and need to select one for my dissertation. Do you have a recommendation for the best way of selecting among many good options? What should I look for in a great topic?
-- 2014-12-23 
It is clearly a topic of debate in today's education as to the teacher's ability to assess student progress without the use of the teaching to the testing that is required. Teachers should be allowed more freedom in assessing students because students are not cookies cut from the same mold and teachers have the education, training and experience to assess students needs and demanding assessment from those who are the top, far from the field of practice and who are not working in today's schools with students is an unrealistic method of assessment. Power of assessment should be placed by into the hands of the educators whose hands hold the students and know these students on a daily and educationally intimate basis. It is not possible to have a educational head directing assessment in a fashion that is generic and across-the board in a society that is diverse, formed by many intellectual abilities, ethically diverse, culturally diverse and trapped in a testing regimen that is ridiculous, ill-informed, regimental, and that fails students, teachers and society alike.

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