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Feminism Dissertation Topics

-- 2014-10-27
Could you recommend a few history dissertation topics about feminism in the 1960s? I’m trying to come up with something specific and narrow that hasn’t been done before.
-- 2014-11-03 
Hi there.

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Some topics for a dissertation in feminist issues in the 1960s could be the following.

Firstly, was there any tension or hostility between women in different socio-economic classes when feminism began to assert itself in the late 1960s? In other words, were working class women frightened by feminism almost as much as men? And was early feminism seen as benefitting affluent, well-educated Caucasian women more so than anyone else?

Another topic could be whether or not feminist leaders in the 1960s took away specific tactics from the Civil Rights Movement - or if they rejected or discarded them? My sense is that they probably adopted some of these tactics, but how did they change those tactics to suit their own needs?

Finally, one topic that never seems to be discussed is how men actually helped women achieve their feminist aims? Were there any men who substantively aided the early feminist movement or created the conditions for the feminist movement to be taken seriously?

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