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Marketing literature review outline

-- 2014-10-28
From my list of potential PhD thesis topics in marketing, I’ve decided to study whether corporate social responsibility is an effective strategy to build brand equity. How would you organize a literature review for this topic? Can you give me a sample outline?
-- 2014-11-04 
An outline for a ~40 page PhD lit review would look like this

I. Introduction
a. Brief, broad discussion of CSR and Brand Equity (BE)
b. Break down the structure of the lit review
i. Chronological would likely be best
c. Preview conclusions of lit review
II. Discussion of CSR
a. Define and offer seminal work on the topic
i. Discuss how it relates to prior theory
ii. Tie earlier designed theories to CSR as support
b. Discuss how CSR is related to performance and customer perception
c. Identify areas where gaps exist
i. Point out relevance of your study in these gaps
d. Discuss current works on the topic
i. Where is research currently at on CSR?
ii. Is CSR relevant or does your study re-awaken it as relevant?
iii. How are you lookingat CSR differently than prior scholars?
e. Summarize CSR and provide an introduction to how it my relate to BE
III. Discuss BE
a. Go back to seminal works on BE
i. Discuss related theories and prior theory
ii. How is this relevant?
iii. Provide numbers that tie BE to performance
b. Discuss relationship between CSR and BE or BE-related concepts
c. Identify gaps in research
i. Show how BE is relevant to CSR
d. Discuss Current works on BE

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