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95 Theses Master’s Thesis

-- 2014-10-28
I’m looking to write my thesis on the 95 Theses of Martin Luther. I know, ironic, right? But I was wondering whether you think that there would be enough material in examining one of the 95 theses to create a whole thesis. What do you think?
-- 2014-10-31 
I actually think that 1 thesis can be the basis for your own work. For instance, there are several theses that attack the Pope explicitly. You could examine what specific practices Luther was attacking and why he was doing so. Thesis 6 or thesis 22 can really explore the relationship of the Pope to the Protestant Reformation. It could highlight the point at which the Church lost the support of the reformers within and began to lose its grip on the wellbeing and hearts of the general public. You can explore if the practice in question had already been questioned before Luther began to speak out against it. And you can see the disconnect between the scriptures and the Early Church Fathers - what they believed to be right - and what the Church started to "believe" was right when it was perceived that certain practices could generate a lot of wealth. These are a few ideas, but one thesis could lead to a sociological examination of how the church changed over time, why it did so, and why some practices were more disagreeable than others in the eyes of reformers.

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