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Role of Government

-- 2014-11-17
I help in moving in the right direction. Do you have an outline that would guide me in writing an essay to meet the following requirements

Imagine that a founding father of your choice has been brought to the future and you have been given the opportunity to talk with him about our federalist representative form of government. He is interested in learning about the current state of our federalist representative form of government.

Write a no more than 1,250-word paper documenting the conversation that the two of you might have. In the dialogue, you should discuss the following topics with the founding father:

Explain the roles of the various branches of government, their administrative functions, and their structural and political characteristics.
Provide at least two examples for both exclusive federal powers and exclusive state powers.
Describe the role courts play in determining the nature of federal–state relations.
Discuss the recommendations you have to improve or maximize the efficiencies of the federalist representative form of government.

As you converse with this founding father, he should give his opinion on the current state of the federalist representative form of government and what surprises him about how it has evolved over time.
-- 2014-11-18 
The simplest way to do this paper would probably be to go the the Federalist Papers and select either James Madison or Alexander Hamilton. In the Federalist papers these two men (and John Jay) justify and explain the Constitution. This would provide many good quotes and a flavor for their actual writing style. For an "outline" I would look first at the requirements and then perhaps follow roughly the outline of the Constitution itself dealing with the Legislative, Executive and finally judicial branches. The on-going squabble between Democrats and Republicans can be traced back to arguments over small vs. large government first raised at the Constitutional Convention.
Sam L.

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