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-- 2014-11-23
As a member of a subculture how can it shape/determine ones personality and it reflects on ones experience, is the result (positive and/or negative) of ones membership within the subculture?
-- 2014-12-01 
The truth is that we are all products of different cultures in the society. Being a part of a sub-culture within a major cultural grouping is an added advantage for members of that sub-culture. Such group provides additional understanding about ones cultural heritage and history which may at times not seem so obvious when one is trying to decipher that from the major cultural group in the society. Sub-cultural groups undoubtedly could help define more clearly the historical origins and legacies of that smaller group. For instance being an American Indian could be seen as an advantage in the sense that members of such sub-culture can dig more deeply into their history while still deriving advantages of being a part of the dominant and lager American culture as a whole. As a member of a sub-cultural group, I can assure you that it has been very rewarding and enriched my family's lives in many ways. But one can also see some minor negatives which may at times be associated with sub-cultural groups resulting from ignorance but such negatives are only a small fraction of the general positive benefits conferred to membership of the sub-cultural groups as a whole.

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