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Using brackets in an essay.

-- 2014-11-30
What is the purpose of brackets when writing a research paper? Are they different from the use of parentheses?
-- 2014-12-23 
The most common use of brackets in a research paper is when you have made alterations to the original text used within your paper for some purpose—usually clarity. Usually this occurs within quotation which have to be amended to provide clarity. For example, if you are writing a paper about Earnest Hemingway, a quotation you are going to use might say something like: “Even though he [Fitzgerald] said he loved my first work, I knew he hated it”. Another reason you would use brackets is to change capitalization in a source text in order to suit the sense of your application of that text. For example, if you were writing about Christ, and a source text provided a quote that started with a capital, but you wanted it to be lower case, you would use the bracket to indicate a change in the original text.

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