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Analytical versus argumentative essays

-- 2014-11-30
I don’t see what the difference is between an argumentative versus an analytical paper. Isn’t an argumentative paper just an argumentative essay with a thesis? Going further, isn’t any essay with a thesis statement an argumentative paper?
-- 2014-12-25 
The analytical paper seeks to satisfy a thesis through the use of evidence in the form of facts; the argumentative paper uses evidence to affirm an opinion. The difference is distinct; however, when it comes to many subject, the line between opinion and fact becomes blurred. For example, the professor may assign you an analytical paper concerning F. Scott Fitzgerald’s use of symbolism. In such a case, you would supply evidence to support a thesis. The argumentative paper on the same topic might be to suggest how Fitzgerald’s use of symbolism supports patriarchal perspectives which marginalize women. In the case of the analytical paper, you would work to establish how Fitzgerald uses symbolism. In the argumentative, you would argue that he uses those symbols for a purpose, which is an opinion.

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