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Trouble picking a topic for my dissertation paper.

-- 2014-12-03
I have to write a dissertation essay, but I’m drawing a total blank on how to go about picking the topic. Help!
-- 2014-12-10 
Pick a topic you would like to write about; it is important to write about something that interests you. Use Google Scholar and search the topic you'd like and start reading scholarly articles that come up. When something specific interests you, look up more scholarly articles on that topic. Once you get an idea of what topic you want to hone in on, read the Discussion/Limitation sections of each article. They usually note other relevant areas of research on that topic that has not been addressed by their research, or in the Limitations sections, they usually note what their study didn't include or what the weaknesses are in their study. All these may give you ideas for your own research study that will be the basis for your dissertation. Hope that helps.

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