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Help me generate a simple plan to research and write my essay

-- 2014-10-08
My professor assigned me an essay on whether genetically modified (GMO) food should or should not be labeled for consumers. Can you help me come up with a plan for how to research and write this essay?
-- 2014-10-08 
I would suggest you begin with an introduction of the problem, which is that you do not know whether GMO food should be should or should not be labeled. I would begin with something like "The argument over whether GMO food should or should not be labeled for consumers is one that is currently unclear. While some suggest this is necessary so consumers can make the best decisions, others propose that making such labeling would put firms at a competitive disadvantage, and the similarities of GMO and non-GMO foods is enough that this is not warranted. Recent news articles and opinion pieces by leading minds in the field of agriculture and science are debating this issue, and a resolution does not seem readily available." Then discuss the direction of your paper.

I would suggest research look at both news articles and scholarly work. I would think that professional reports from firms who engage in GMOs would be admissible if labeled as such. I would break it down into a few subtopics from the initial problem and I would use those to guide the sections of the paper. Hope this helps!

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