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Application essay and answering tough questions

-- 2014-10-08
I’m writing an application essay, and it asks me to write about my biggest mistake. How do I write about this without making myself sound bad to the school? My biggest mistake was running up a big credit card bill online.
-- 2014-10-08 
This is a good choice for a topic. I would suggest giving context concerning why you did it. Was it depression? Was it a lack of understanding of how credit works with regard to the accrual of interest? I would give an introduction where I discuss the context of the mistake and then give the mistake itself, this way there is a more robust understanding of the overall problem that was caused. From this, I would indicate why you let it happen. I would then discuss why it is a problem and the problems it caused for you. I would finish with discussion how it is that you grew from this mistake and point out how the problems from it stick with you today and serve as a reminder. You won't look bad to the school over this, and indicating personal growth will make you look great. Good luck.

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