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Philosophy Essays

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Philosophy Essays

The first step in writing philosophy essays is to thoroughly read the assignment. Carefully think about what has been read. What does the reading speak to you as an individual? Do you agree with the philosophy or disagree with it? A philosophy essay should be well structured around an argument relevant to the reading. Be concise and state your opinions about your feelings about what is being read or discussed in the class.

Sample Paragraph of a Philosophy Essay on Critique Pure Reason (Kant):

Kant began writing this section on Critique Pure Reason with discussion on questions. He states everyone has questions that go unanswered. Sometimes when someone thinks they have found the answer they find more questions to be answered. Personally, this seems to be true. Scientists often discover a hypothesis to only develop more hypotheses on a topic. One question people ask a lot is why do bad things happen to people. Often when a person thinks they know the answer to this question something happens that leads to more questions. Knowing why bad things happen to others is one of the questions that Kant discussed in his writings and continues to be faced by people today.

This is a sample paragraph of what could be a philosophy essay about one of Kant's writings. The writer begins by discussing one of Kant's writings called Critique Pure Reason. The essay discusses how answers to questions are often the beginning to more questions. The writer brings up the question of why do bad things happen to people. She shows this is a question that has no real answers. This shows her understanding of Kant's writings concerning questions about life.

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