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Essay Rubric

Often rubrics are used in the classroom to help students understand difficult topics or to give them a measure to understand grading criteria. An essay rubric can be defined as a writing that explains what is expected of students. Rubrics help both teachers and students. When students use rubrics they often do better in the classroom. The way to design a rubric is to list the criteria that will be used in assessing performance and to help a student determine their performance level. Information can be written in charts to explain the points in a rubric. A successful rubric will describe the level of quality for the criteria that is to be met.

Sample Paragraph of a Rubric of Writing Skills:

Score Point 2
  • The thesis is clear.
  • The mains point are clearly stated
  • The conclusion restates the thesis combining mention of main points.
  • No grammar or spelling mistakes have been made.

Score Point 1

  • The thesis is clear.
  • The main points are mentioned but no evidence is provided.
  • The conclusion does not mention the main points.
  • There are several grammar and spelling mistakes.

This is a short sample rubric on writing skills. The two different scores show what is expected from the students. This rubric would be great for a composition class. It would need to have at least four to five more scores with explanations of what is expected in the class.

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