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Five-Paragraph Essays

Most essays are written in the five-paragraph style with an introduction, three paragraphs for the body, and the conclusion. The introduction discusses the thesis of the essay with three main points mentioned. A good five-paragraph essay will have a hook to capture the reader. The topic sentences of the body mention each of the three main points. The final paragraph will be the conclusion and will summarize the essay with the thesis.

A Sample Paragraph of a Five-Paragraph Essay

"Thousands of dogs are abandoned each year," according to the Human Society. A number of reasons pet owners give for abandoning their pets beginning with the puppy was cute, but the dog is mean. The pet owner may have died and now no one wants the dog. Sometimes people move and cannot have pets in their new apartments. Before becoming a pet owner consider the cost and problems associated with owning a pet.

First, a person must realize a puppy soon becomes an adult dog. Do not be persuaded by the cuteness of a puppy.

Second, the pet owner should arrange for someone to take the dog in the event of death. Ask a friend or family member to take your pet in case of an emergency.

Third, consider whether the chance of moving is going to be a problem with your pet. What are the chances of having to move for a promotion? What are your plans if you have to move?

Pet owners often do not count the cost before deciding to get a puppy or a kitten. Often things happen in life like a death, or job promotion, or etc. A person should have a back up plan in case they have to move or if someone dies. A person should carefully consider the responsibility of being an animal owner.

This is a short sample paragraph of a five-paragraph essay beginning with the introduction, three paragraphs for the body, and the conclusion. The essay begins with a quote about abandoning animals and then continues with the thesis and main points.

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