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Term papers are usually similar to research papers with both requiring sources to back up the thesis of the paper. The first step is choosing the topic. It is vital to collect information from valid sources about the topic. A term paper is not a reaction or response paper so it needs to have reliable sources. Record information on note cards to refer back to during the writing. Always write down who wrote the article, the title of the article, the name of the journal or website, and the date so this information can be put in the body of the term paper and later in the works cited page. Always use examples and sources to back up the main points of a term paper. The next step is creating an outline with the thesis of the paper. Write a rough draft of the term paper. Be sure the paper has clarity. Do not try to impress the instructor with large words. Be precise about what you mean throughout the paper. It is important to use sources, but do not plagiarize. Edit the paper by reading it and then have someone neutral edit the paper. The last step is to put the finishing touches to it. I'd suggest having someone read this again for errors. Now you have a completed term paper. Never leave the term paper until the last minute. It takes time to write a quality term paper.

Sample Paragraph of a Term Paper:

"SAMHSA's 2002 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 2.7% of persons aged 12 or older nationwide needed but did not receive treatment for an illicit drug problem" (SAMHSA 2004). Many of the teenagers and adults who need treatment are afraid of being arrested for using drugs such as marijuana so they do not seek help. The solution to the drug war is legalizing the least harmful drugs such as marijuana. The war on drugs continues to be debated at the state level and the federal level but nothing has stopped this raging war. Many states have banned the use of different drugs but this has not been the solution. What is the solution to the drug war? Would legalizing some drugs put an end to the drug war? Many people argue that marijuana is not as harmful as other drugs and should be legalized. Some people believe legalizing some drugs would be the solution to the problem. "The core issues of crime and other social ills of the drug war come directly from the black market, not the drugs themselves. The black market is created by, and in fact encouraged by, the socio-economic effects of prohibition" (How 2004). Therefore, the solution points toward legalizing some drugs such as marijuana.

This is a sample paragraph of a term paper that begins with a powerful quote showing many teenagers and adults need help with their drug abuse but they are often afraid to seek help. The term paper gives sources that explain the thesis concerning legalizing some drugs. The sources are cited with the first word and date of the web site. The conclusion statement backs the thesis again.

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