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Nickname:   Your Paper-Mate    ID 904

What single word best describes you?

How long have you been writing model term papers?
I have been writing for 12 years.

What's your secret for writing model term papers on short deadlines?
Experience and talent contribute more than anything to my success at term paper writing.

What advice would you give potential clients?
You are paying for an expert's view, so trust us to get it right for you.

What is the highest level of education you have achieved?
I have attended graduate school, studying communications.

What is you most memorable experience writing a model term paper?
Getting word that the paper got an "A" (Happens a lot!!).

What do you enjoy most about writing model term papers?
The part I enjoy most is the challenge of being creative with even the most routine assignments.

What do you like least about writing model term papers?
I am often concerned that the professor won't agree with ideas expressed in my papers.

What was the toughest model term paper you wrote, and why was it so tough?
My hardest paper came in writing a paper on Sartre, and finding the only available source was in French, and French formal writing style is far different from spoken French (in which I am fluent).

Tell us something we don't know about you in a paragraph.
When it comes to writing for myself and for others I've done it all! I have written for movies in Hungary, Austria and Germany and Hollywood, USA. I've worked creatively fort CBS and NBC. I've been a game show contestant, and a game show writer. I have four published novels not all under my own name, and I have ghost written a sensational autobiography for a Holocaust survivor. I know that subject well, since my own family barely escaped Germany at the start of World War II. So, history and political science are major subjects that I know well.

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