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The Economics School Experience

If you have a head for facts and figures and a knack for solving problems, studying economics may suit you. Economics is consistently the most popular major at such prestigious schools as Harvard, Princeton and Stanford, a fact that should tell you something – economics matters. At its most basic level, economics is the study of how money works in society; how wealth is made, how it is spent, and the mechanics of how money makes the world go round.

Economics Writing Stats

  • # of TPE writers who specialize in economics: 30+
  • # of economics papers we've written: 800+
  • Average completion time for an economics paper: 2 days
  • # of jobs opening up in this field yearly: 50,000+
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As an economics student, you'll examine both microeconomics, the way individuals and small groups manage wealth at a relatively low level, and macroeconomics, how entire societies manage wealth through government, banks, and national and international institutions. After learning the basics of business, interest rates, inflation and economic models, you will have the chance to focus on specialized areas, such as industrial economics, theory of markets, statistics, taxation, philosophy, politics and ethics of economics, and the economy and economic policy of geographical areas, such as the US, Canada and the EU.

Studying economics involves learning skills that go far beyond the subject itself. Economists must learn to analyze, compare models, make predictions and find the best solutions to problems. A degree in economics proves to potential employers that you can think theoretically and apply knowledge and methods accurately to real-life situations for results that work.

Careers for Economics Grads

Many economics graduates go into some aspect of financial management. With your knowledge and experience of the market, its workings and its trends, you can advise others on how to manage their money and how to invest. As a financial analyst, you play a key role in a company, offering expert opinion based on economic facts and your own astute economic forecasts. An economic development officer formulates strategies to bring business and investment to a local community. Other economics grads put their knowledge to use in journalism, politics or teaching.

Economics Careers

There are hundreds of ways to use the knowledge you gain as an economics student, here are just a few in detail:

  • Economic Researcher – Collect and interpret data vital to the understanding of your local, national or the global economy.
  • Investment Analyst – Work at an investment brokerage, helping to keep investments healthy by keeping colleagues and clients informed of trends in the market.
  • Strategic Planner – Use economic data to consult on short term and long term business plans.
  • Economic Forecaster – Evaluate past trends and current data to determine the likeliest future for your local, national or the global economy.
  • Insurance Agent – Understanding the underlying principles of economics are an important piece of understanding why insurance is necessary and how premiums are calculated.

What We Do for Economics Students

The Paper Experts is here to help economics students as they encounter the tough demands of an economics degree. Our custom economics essays and research papers will cut down your workload and help with time management, easing the burden of difficult assignments.

Here are some examples of the economics essays and papers we write:

  • Critical Essays
  • Case Studies
  • Research Papers
  • Interpretive Essays
  • Reports

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