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Term Paper Samples

We have a vast array of samples on this page that will help you understand the quality you can expect when we write a term paper. Take a look at the following free term paper samples

Sample 1 - Sophocles' Oedipus Rex.
Sophocles uses his play Oedipus Rex to explore the concept of irony as it applies to the themes of predestination and free will. Though the play deals with subject matter many find repulsive, the audience can appreciate the play's irony and the message that free will and predestination can coexist.

Sample 2 - Alzheimer's Disease: Not Just Loss of Memory.
A family that experiences an Alzheimer's diagnosis often feels desperation and despair. This paper will review the symptoms of Alzheimer's, the criteria used for diagnosing it, and the possible avenues that may lead to a cure.

Sample 3 - Illusions and Realities in Ibsen's Plays The Wild Duck and Ghosts.
In the plays The Wild Duck and Ghosts the opposing themes of reality and illusion are visible in the families whose lives were defined by illusion and destroyed by truth. This essential conflict between opposing forces reveals an essential truth about the lives of ordinary people, which Ibsen's plays help us to understand by revealing the truth about reality and illusion.

Sample 4 - States' Arguments against a Central Government.
In the wake of the American Revolution, the advocates of a strong and weak central government clashed over the best path for the new nation. The states wanted a weak federal government that would reserve maximum freedom and power for themselves. However, a strong federal government offered many advantages. The clash between the two positions can be best understood by examining the states' arguments against a central government.

Sample 5 - Exploration and Discovery in the Shakespearian/Elizabethan Era.
The century preceding Shakespeare was a time of exploration and discovery, and as explorers uncovered new lands, they brought back new information to the Elizabethan world. This paper explores the way themes of exploration and discovery manifest in Elizabethan culture, especially in the works of William Shakespeare.

Sample 6 - A Brief Analysis of the Declaration of Independence.
The Declaration of Independence was the foundational document for the United States, and one that is often considered "radical." This paper will analyze the Declaration, explore its historical context, and evaluate whether it is truly a radical document.

Sample 7 - Puritan Literature and the Salem Witch Trials.
The Puritans were highly religious people, and their literature reflected a preoccupation with demons, witchcraft, and evil. This paper will examine the way this dark vision of demonic activity in the world contributed to the outbreak of witchcraft hysteria in 1692.

Sample 8 - The Quakers and the American Revolution.
This paper reviews the history of the Quakers during the American Revolution. This paper will examine the impact of the Quakers on the Revolution and the impact of the Revolution on the Quakers in this important era of American history.

Sample 9 - The Role of Greek and Roman Literature.
The literature of Greece and Rome set the standards that later Western literatures built upon or reacted against. This paper will review the legacy of Greco-Roman literature and how this corpus of literature continues to impact modern society today.

Sample 10 - To Kill a Mockingbird: An Analysis of Discrimination.
Harper Lee used To Kill a Mockingbird to deliver a powerful message about discrimination. This paper examines Lee's masterpiece to reveal the role of discrimination in the novel and how the message it sends to audiences.

Sample 11 - A Romantic Ending in an Anti-Romantic Novel: Does Jane Eyre End Well?
Is the ending of Jayne Eyre a "good" ending? This question has challenged literary scholars, who ask whether the ending flows naturally from the preceding work. This paper will analyze the ending of the novel in light of literary criticism to conclude that, yes, the ending is a "good" ending and one that remains true to Jane's character and the trends of the era's literature.

Sample 12 - The Crucible by Arthur Miller.
This literary analysis reviews the themes and impact of Arthur Miller's seminal play The Crucible through a critical examination of the character of the Reverend Hale.

Sample 13 - An Analytical Essay on Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.
An Analytical Essay on Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Three of the key themes of Mark Twain's most important novel, Huckleberry Finn, are slavery, democracy, and religion. This literary analysis of Twain's novel will explore these three themes to demonstrate the way these themes underscore and reveal Twain's purpose for writing Huckleberry Finn at this specific point in American history.


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