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Essay Writing Industry Warning

Essay Writing Industry Warning

Did you know there are hundreds of sites posing as legitimate sites out of Pakistan?
Beware of whom you purchase your term paper from!

We are one of the most reputable custom term paper writing companies on the Internet. We write and edit all of our own papers while many other companies subcontract their work to other companies because they can't handle the work themselves. Here is a little more information about the term paper industry on the Internet. You will find that this industry falls into 3 categories:

Beware of companies online just looking to make a quick buck!

Category 1: Companies that have a database of papers that were free a couple of years ago but have decided to charge memberships to access all of them. These companies also take custom orders through their websites and then subcontract their custom papers to another company who hires foreign writers who write for even less so they can make money out of the deal. They don’t care about your paper as long as they get your money. It’s someone else’s responsibility once you have given them your money. Try calling them when there's a problem with your paper, they don’t have a number – they’ll tell you to call the company that wrote it. All you wanted was to order a paper and not worry about it for now but you end up running around playing phone tag with a company you never heard about since you ordered from a membership site. never subcontracts our papers to any other company, we take care of every single paper ourselves. The other companies that subcontract are looking at the bottom line, they can't afford not too since they're splitting profits. When you call on us for something, we deliver every time – guaranteed!

Category 2: Foreign writing outfits – especially out of Pakistan, India and the Ukraine. They Flood the market and take advantage of students who think everyone on the Internet is running an honest business. What does this mean? You would expect that everyone in this business would speak perfect English if they were going to be writing your paper, well not with many of these services. They don’t even have a phone number, they’ll throw in an American fax number to make you think they are in North America but really they are trying to fool you. We know a lot of technology companies have moved their call centers to Pakistan but they are now moving them back realizing that language differences cause problems. Students can end up having more headaches because of this. They claim their writers have Masters degrees or higher but after reading the copy on their site it makes you wonder if these writers took any English composition classes in college.

Category 3: Writing outfits that do their own writing and do everything in-house. There may be hundreds of term paper companies online but truly only a handful of companies are legitimate that know what they're doing so they don't have to outsource anything. You can trust their work, knowing that you won't be conned or tricked into something you didn't expect. These legitimate companies will post a phone number prominently on their site (not just an e-fax number that is based in the states). Even if you don't order from us we suggest you choose a service that is upfront and honest about where they are located. A toll free number prominently displayed on the website is a good start. This way if you have any issues you have to resolve you can reach the company. It's better to be safe than sorry. We take care of our own clients.

Very few companies can say the same – who will you trust?



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