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Classification Essays

A classification essay is organizing or sorting things into different categories. Three steps are used in creating a classification essay: First, sort things into useful categories. Next, make sure all the categories are following an organizing principle. Provide examples for each of the categories. The thesis statement should state the topic and the categories. Basically, the classification essay organizes supporting details into three or more groups with each having their own identifying characteristics.

A Sample Paragraph of a Classification Essay about Classifying Animals

Determining the classification of animals can be as simple as deciding whether they have bones or not. Every animal fits into one of the classifications of the Animal Kingdom. The first two groups are the vertebrates and invertebrates. A simple way of knowing what the term invertebrates means is to remember it has no bones. Some examples of these are insects, spiders, and other groups such as crabs, jellyfish, and earthworms. A simple way to explain vertebrates is to remember they have bones. There are five main groups of vertebrates but they can be divided into two groups of warm-blooded and cold-blooded. One of the warm-blooded animals is a human.

This is a sample paragraph of a classification paragraph classifying the animal kingdom. It begins by sorting the invertebrates and the vertebrates. The next step is discussing the two types of vertebrates of warm-blooded and cold-blooded. The next step would be to divide this even more.

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